”I was always been torn between my passion for art and my passion for design“

”In both disciplines, i always gives great care to detail“

Meet the Artist

Born April 21, 1989, of Portuguese and French nationality, he pursued his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Brussels. It was at this particular time that he discovered street art. He was 16 years old and never stopped since. After his graduation, he moved to Barcelona for five years to study industrial design in Eina, University of Art and Design. There, he learned printmaking, design setting and photography, and he improved his skills in painting and academical drawing.

In 2012, he holds his first solo show at « Montana Café » in Barcelona followed by several others in Brussels for the Museum Night fever and Lezarts Urbains and more recently for the exhibition « Stoemp » at the Pianofabriek in Saint-Gilles.

In 2013 and 2014, he did an internship in the design studio « Objekten » where he collaborated in the development of furniture projects. Yann Laissy, aka Pache, has always been torn between his passion for art and for design. In both, he gives great care to detail. To improve his graphic skills in design, he is currently following classes at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Where can you find Yann Laissy?

For the moment there is already a place where you can find and buy some pieces from Yann Laissy. It's a virtual gallery called ART UNITY GALLERY